Meeting Time: March 15, 2021 at 5:30pm PDT


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Agenda Item

The purpose of this public outreach meeting is to inform the public on the City's trail planning efforts, to obtain public input and to answer questions.

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  • Default_avatar
    Andrew DePratti 18 days ago

    Yes please make this happen. Long overdue.! I am the head coach for the East Lake High School/South Bay Composite Team . Thank you for the potential to create more opportunities within our city for outdoor recreation

  • Default_avatar
    Irma DePratti 18 days ago

    Thank you City of Chula Vista for this pilot program. Our families need more open spaces to enjoy and provide opportunities for healthy activities. Keep improving our City!

  • Default_avatar
    Karlo Soria 19 days ago

    Hi, this program is a wonderful thing that would help out or community on adding more outdoor activities that are very necessary for our wellbeing, hopefully this program could be extended to other areas in our city so we can enjoy as well.

  • Default_avatar
    Anthony Harris 19 days ago

    More trails will bring more riders to your city. The county can use more places to ride. Looking forward to this project getting underway!

  • Default_avatar
    Alfonso Garcia 19 days ago

    As chula vista residents i support all bike trials and hiking trials, please clean up all trials in Chula Vista. Let’s be an example to all other city’s. We have clean streets, and it’s time to take care of our back yard (trials) Thank you.

  • Default_avatar
    Frank Padaon 19 days ago

    I truly 100% support our local trails.

  • Default_avatar
    Toni Sanchez 19 days ago

    Mountain biking has provided me with a much needed outlet during this pandemic and before. I love Love LOVE riding snake trail and hope more trails become available to ride. I’d be happy to volunteer as needed.

  • Default_avatar
    james mcdowell 19 days ago

    Bike trails are important for everyone.

  • Default_avatar
    Timothy Rueger 19 days ago


  • Default_avatar
    ARTURO GARCIA 19 days ago


  • Default_avatar
    Greg Hoxsie 19 days ago

    Thank you for your efforts to enhance outdoor recreational opportunities in San Diego County.

  • Default_avatar
    Mike Low 19 days ago

    I fully support any and all trails. My house backs up to the canyon and having a trail that people bike is amazing for health . As a physician of the community during the pandemic, these trails become my outlet for all the struggles and emotional turmoil I suffer. Limiting use to hikers is unfair.

  • Default_avatar
    Ron Toland 19 days ago

    Appreciate CV City supporting this effort and very much support. As a Mountain Biker it is very nice to have trails so close to our neighborhood for exercise and getting out to enjoy the outdoors and environment. Highly recommend city install Signs for one way downhill traffic to avoid hikers. These canyons and exiting trails are fantastic and recommend we keep maintaining for future use by all.

  • Default_avatar
    Robert Kay 19 days ago

    As a Bonita resident and avid user of trails and open spaces in and around the CV and Bonita areas, I support the establishment of and increase in sanctioned single track trail systems for the use of outdoor recreation and the mountain biking community. A variety of single track trails with consistent and predictable surfaces as well as trails that are designed with various types of natural and wood features, banked turns, and rolling terrain would provide a quality outdoor experience for all to enjoy. A concerted effort by the Community, City leaders, hikers, bikers, trail builders, trail maintenance teams, and all outdoor enthusiasts can transform the Chula Vista open spaces into an exciting place for all to enjoy. Please make this happen!

  • Default_avatar
    Tad Lent 19 days ago

    Please supply more outdoor activities for our society!

  • Default_avatar
    Noel Molinos 20 days ago

    I fully support this initiative to have these trails available to our community. Having the courses open to the community will significantly help the community enjoy the outdoors.

  • Default_avatar
    Lane Robert 20 days ago

    Part 1: I am a lifetime supporter of Open Areas for the public to enjoy and that's what these open areas are for. As a long time graduate of San Diego State University in the area of a Recreation Administration. I helped devise for the state of California, The Open Areas Program Act in the upcoming newer communities throughout the state. There was supposed to be a 25% Open Space Allotment or Allocated to help keep from over building and also keep some of our natural resources in tack in doing so the city of Chula Vista to whom I work with during this time. Chula Vista was supposed to use these open areas for hiking biking and off Trail use for the public. This Is Our Land it is not the city's land the city is made up of the citizens therefore the Land Management should take it in consideration that they need to open up these facilities with some restrictions... because we want to keep the natural environment in tack for the public and the city.

  • Default_avatar
    Robert Lane 20 days ago

    Part: 2 The City works for the people they're not rulers over the people they are too work with the people. I know you don't like hearing that but that's an absolute truth when the city decides that it is ruling the people it is no longer a government it's a dictatorship. By opening up these facilities as they were supposed to be opened up over 50 years ago the citizens become more in-tune to exercise Better Health of stronger Community. by putting restrictions on citizens who want to use these facilities for certain purposes for hiking and biking... the citizens not only lose their land that they own not the city of Chula Vista but they lose the ability to embrace the environment around them...
    And these are what these facilities areas are for the people and it will not damage the surrounding environment if properly maintained and managing our natural resources... I'm 71 years old and I have been on those trails myself... I think they're fantastic and someone has made it even better with the compassion of protecting the environment. I'm an avid bike rider off road, on Road wherever I can ride. I may be 71 but I still have the heart of a 25 year old. I would love to see the city of Chula Vista respect their citizens wishes and that's me too and all people who these open areas belong to be available to everyone. This is our city. Robert Lane, a Citizen of the United States a former United States Marine Who has fought for this country for the freedoms of the American citizens

  • Default_avatar
    Cory Hull 20 days ago

    I support the use of snake trail for mou rain bike use.

  • Default_avatar
    Robert Morales 20 days ago

    This is a great first step. As a lifelong CV resident I have been riding these trails since I was in HS. I know have passed the torch and have shown my daughters the amazing trail system we are so lucky yo have here in CV. These areas are very important to the community and the people that use them daily. (MTB, joggers, hikers) Please keep advocating for use and improvements of these areas. To me it is an escape from reality. As a single father I am able to forget about my problems and escape on a daily basis. I am also able to promote healthy lifestyles to my daughters with our hikes and MTB rides. Heck even our dogs love going for a stroll. Please please don’t take these areas away. Trail improvements, public information, ( to help people understand trail etiquette) and even working parties to provide free labor to the city to help improve these areas is a must. These trails have been around before there were homes in the area. I can’t understand why there is such a problem with people using them or improving areas for easier access.