Meeting Time: March 15, 2021 at 5:30pm PDT


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Agenda Item

The purpose of this public outreach meeting is to inform the public on the City's trail planning efforts, to obtain public input and to answer questions.

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  • Default_avatar
    Danny Damian 17 days ago

    As a Rancho Del Rey resident and I support this pilot program. I believe this is a great addition to the community and applaud the city for supporting healthy outdoor activities. These trails are already actively used by all members of the community from kids to seniors. Chula Vista and the surrounding area can become a mountain biking destination and bring in outside visitors to spend time and money in the city. Thank you

  • Default_avatar
    Zachary Goldberg 17 days ago

    These trails are an amazing asset to the Chula Vista community and are a great way to keep residents healthy and outside! There is a very limited amount of legal singletrack trails in the area and increasing the number of trails like these can provide local mountain bikers with better places to exercise and practice an awesome and increasingly popular sport.

  • Default_avatar
    Paulina Briceno 17 days ago

    Please allow trail system so that more people can enjoy the outdoors.

  • Default_avatar
    Michelle Racicot 17 days ago

    Allowing mountain biking/bikers on these trails also opens doors to help in the teaching of proper etiquette/care on our trails. Our trails are important to those who respect them and ride them with respect. Their are many who give their time, sweat and heart in maintaining our trails for free. Because they love and respect our trail/park systems. I call that a win win. Vote YES you won't regret it

  • Default_avatar
    R D 17 days ago

    Allowing a robust trail system to exist in the city makes it an even more desirable place to live. It provides positive outlets for youth and it brings community members who share a passion for mountain biking together, especially during times where there is so much division in the world over trivial things. The city and its residents should be doing everything in their power to promote these things. The over whelming majority of mountain bikers are respectful individuals who love nature and their communities. Thanks.

  • Default_avatar
    Douglas Majorsky 17 days ago

    Easily accessible multi use trails and recreation areas are very important for all communities. These trail are a much needed oulet for mountain bikers, hikers, and runners to be physically active and maintain their physical and mental health.

  • Default_avatar
    Samuel Chavez 17 days ago

    I think it’s a good idea👍🏽

  • Default_avatar
    Anne Moser 17 days ago

    I travel very frequently to go mountain biking and having a great trail system would make your city a much more desirable destination for me. Definitely support more bike trails!

  • Default_avatar
    Dan Fellenbaum 17 days ago

    These trails are just the beginning of a cohesive advocacy plan in Chula Vista for multi-use trails. We have a large group of neighbors who have been using these trails for years and proper signage would be incredible!

  • Default_avatar
    Cesar Martinez 17 days ago

    Thank you for launching the pilot program. I believe you will find overwhelming support, volunteers, and funding sources to improve on this trail system. If properly developed, Chula Vista can be a destination for the sport and drive local economy while preserving sensitive habitats. I most enthusiastically support this!

  • Default_avatar
    Ricardo juarez 17 days ago

    Don't take child hood memories away and now our own kids memories away.

  • Default_avatar
    Pedro ORSO 17 days ago

    I applaud the City for taking into consideration the creation of this pilot program. I believe it will be of great benefit to our City.

  • Default_avatar
    Sean Bascom 17 days ago

    I strongly support this initiative.

  • Default_avatar
    Gerry Krippner 17 days ago

    Enthusiastic support for the Rice and Snake Canyon Loop Trail as a Pilot for developing more mountain biking access in the city. Thanks for the effort.

  • Default_avatar
    M V 18 days ago

    Trails yeah bro

  • Default_avatar
    Phillips Matthew 18 days ago

    I am overjoyed that the City has decided to develop Snake and Rice canyon. Snake trail in particular is where my admiration for mountain biking/hiking originated. It will forever have a special place in my heart. I hope that the City will work hand and hand with the mountain biking community. And that the City can keep the trail single track and it will remain multi-use. I hope that a minimal amount of alterations will occur and it remains an oasis for nature to flourish except the Pampas grass since it is an invasive species. I hope the city kills that devil plant! I look forward to volunteering as much time as possible to help develop these trails. In regards to signage and directional use, for mountain bikers Snake trail should only be one-way. Some riders can approach 25 plus MPH downhill on this trail so to prevent collisions, it would be paramount to the safety of all. These trails offer an escape like nothing else in our city. A chance to get away from the noise and de-stress in the solace of nature. The physical conditioning needed to complete the entire loop will lead to a healthier community both physical and mental. In the future, my hope is that the success of this pilot program will lead the City to open dialog with the public on other trails in the neighboring canyons. This is the start of greatness and I am thankful for all who have worked years for this to take place.

  • Default_avatar
    Jerry Park 18 days ago

    As a residents of Rancho Del Rey, my family has always enjoyed hiking, exploring and biking the canyons.

    When my children were young we taught them the value of giving back. We did this by picking up trash in our local parks and trails.

    I welcome the opportunity to enhance the number and quality of trails to the public within my canyons. As more residents get outside, the knowledge of trail etiquette and a sense of ownership of the outdoors will grow. Which will only enhance to experience that people have on the trails.

  • Default_avatar
    JOEL CASTRO 18 days ago

    I just started hiking and biking to try and get a healthier lifestyle and would benefit from using these trails. It helps to unite families and have fun out in the open, so I totally support this program.

  • Default_avatar
    Joshua Bonnici 18 days ago

    So happy to see the city working to allow mountain biking on the Rice/snake canyok loop trail. The more open space we have for recreation not only adds value to the area, but also gets people outside enjoying our beautiful city.

    THANK YOU to the city for their work and I hope that the success of this pilot program will lead the city to bring other adjacent canyon trails forward as an amenity to benefit the entire community.

  • Default_avatar
    Michael S 18 days ago

    Enjoying our open space and getting away from the automobile traffic ,while still being in the city is a beautiful opportunity. Most of rice canyon is already being maintained by public works/open space . Thanks for keeping our city the best in California