Meeting Time: March 15, 2021 at 5:30pm PDT


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Agenda Item

The purpose of this public outreach meeting is to inform the public on the City's trail planning efforts, to obtain public input and to answer questions.

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  • Default_avatar
    Mark Hayes 15 days ago

    I think this a great idea and as a lifelong resident of Chula Vista I support it 100% Thank you

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    Matthew Bartelt 15 days ago

    As a father of three active kids, outdoor space is more important now than ever before. The Rice and Snake Canyon loop Pilot program is a step in the right direction. Trail users of all ages and abilities can enjoy these trails and successfully share trails within the system. Mountain biking has seen unrepresented number as the pandemic continues and does not show signs of slowing down or reversing trends. The health benefits, both physically and mentally are undeniable. If adopted, the City of Chula Vista stands to gain many willing and able volunteers to assist in the trail upkeep. The San Diego Mountain Biking Association stands by to assist in any way needed to help these plans move forward. We have a 26 year history of volunteer efforts to maintain and create trails though out San Diego county and can help organize and lead future trail efforts within Chula Vista, bettering the trails for ALL users.

    Matthew Bartelt
    San Diego Mountain Biking Association

  • Default_avatar
    Alfonso Garcia 15 days ago

    As a lifelong resident of Chula Vista and an avid Mountain Biker and outdoor enthusiast, I support this pilot program. Mountain biking has existed on these trails for many decades and has been a huge part in shaping and improving the lives of thousands of residents and visitors, with little to no issues (that I know of) relative to risk, maintenance, environmental impact or budgetary burden. Urbanization and conservation have spared our incredible network of trails that can be connected with adjacent areas such as the Sweetwater Regional Park/San Diego NWR, Bonita, Otay Lakes and ORV. This wealth of Mountain biking and recreating opportunity does not exist in many other areas of the state or country, and I hope that any planning or intent is taking this into consideration. This is extremely important to highlight if a long-term plan is to be successful (TMP), especially given the recent, unprecedented popularity of Mountain biking and outdoor recreation in general. This pilot program is a good first step in exploring the possibilities! It is important to emphasize and echo many of my fellow citizens who have commented on specifics, such as; not widening/altering the trails and having one-way traffic on Snake trail for safety reasons (This is very important!).

  • Default_avatar
    Sean Murphy 15 days ago

    A big thank you to the Chula Vista parks and recreation department. I am in full support of their efforts to incorporate existing single track multi-use trails into the system. However, it is very disturbing that the city’s public works department is sabotaging existing trails in the Rancho Del Rey canyon. These much beloved trails have been used and maintained by locals for over 30 years. I’m sure public works have better things to do than making trails more dangerous for the community.

  • Default_avatar
    Richard Richardson 15 days ago

    I support the Rice/Snake Canyon Loop Trail Pilot Program. Allowing legal and managed multi use trails in these area enhances citizen enjoyment, promotes health, and helps manage our environment. Use of local volunteer organizers, including trail uses, can stretch limited city resources and strengthen connections between citizens and local community resources. San Diego Mountain Biking Association is a terrific partner for both trail expertise and connections to the cycling and other trail user community. Strongly support moving ahead on this project.

  • Default_avatar
    Devin Ridgeway 15 days ago

    I am in full support of the Rice Canyon and snake trail proposal. I think this is an outstanding opportunity for the community and the mountain bike riders and hikers. I do hope that the plan doesn’t mean widening or significantly changing the existing natural trails as they have been for many many years. I have been riding these trails for over 30 years and the natural features are what make them so enjoyable. I understand the need for signage at the entrance and exit of each trail but hopefully the trail itself can be maintained naturally. Thank you for this excellent opportunity.

  • Default_avatar
    Marcos Vasquez 15 days ago

    Yes, I am in full support of the Pilot Program of Rice & Snake Canyon Loop. As a longtime resident and local mountain bike rider of the CV trails. These trails are an amazing asset to the Chula Vista community and are a great way to keep residents healthy and outside. Lets make some trails for the youth and future Chula Vistans to stay healthy and free outdoors.

  • Default_avatar
    Miguel Garbanzos 15 days ago

    I wanted to urge to please don't alter or change up the natural trajectory/features of the terrain that already exist on snake trail. There are certain sections in particular on snake trail that should continue to be preserved in the current condition that they are in; rather than widening or flattening out particular sections please consider trying to maintain as much integrity of the original snake trail in tact: unless absolutely necessary to the sustainability of the trail itself. Also let's keep the amount of trail signage & barriers/fencing to a bare minimum. If anything just before/after the trail head entrances to inform other people that these are multi-use trail systems and to be respectful to the environment etc. Having too many signs or fencing throughout the trails ruins the immersion of seeing the trails for what they are without adding other distractions. Its unnecessary to have too many signs/markers or fencing/barriers throughout the trails since its straightforward and its not appropriate for these trails. It also takes away some of the simplicity of being out on the trails enjoying nature without seeing too many obstructions that aren't native to the environment. overall the aesthetics of the whole trail system, We want to make this place look like this is how its always existed and should be left alone with out adding too much influence from people. Having too many trail markers, etiquette signs, or fencing will ruin the aesthetic of being in nature.

  • Default_avatar
    Jennifer Kober 16 days ago

    Yes, I am in full support of the Pilot Program of Rice & Snake Canyon Loop-My backyard mountain biking trails! My husband and I along with many friends regularly ride these trails and ride responsibly, respect the environment and respect others on the trail. Mountain biking has evolved into a sport that has many different types of people experiencing the thrill of getting out there and having fun. While many enjoy the thrill of going downhill or technical challenges, the reward is really challenging ourselves to be better and enjoy the beauty of the natural places that we ride through. Let’s have a unified voice in our community so we can have a vital part of the future of trail usage. City of Chula Vista-Make this happen please. This will increase opportunities for hikers and bikers to get out and provide a fun and better place for us all. Please consider making Snake Trail one directional🙏This trail is fun, flowy and has that “yew” factor going westbound only.

  • Default_avatar
    Mike Johnston 16 days ago

    As a longtime resident and local mountain bike rider of the CV trails, I am in support of Rice and Snake Canyon Loop Trail Pilot Program. Mountain biking affords local residents the ability to responsibly recreate and enjoy nature while pursuing a healthy lifestyle. The sport is more popular than ever and brings together generations of diverse individuals that equally enjoy both the physical/mental challenges and camaraderie. A coordinated effort between the city, volunteers and local advocacy groups would be a tremendous win for the community and ensure trails are built properly/safely, while protecting the interests of all parties. I applaud the City for taking this first step towards legalizing these local decades-old underground trails and providing a path towards building a trusted partnership with the local mountain biking community.

  • Default_avatar
    Roberto Ruiz 16 days ago

    Thank you to the city for taking action and formalizing this program and our trails. I love riding my bike with my son in my Chula Vista and want to see these parks protected. Recently several bridges and trails have been vandalized by anti-bike riders who are stealing bridges and blocking paths that have existed for decades. We need to make these paths a right for all people of Chula Vista and set laws and regulations that strongly prohibit removing bicycle bridges and destroying paths, as well as signage that lets those attacking our paths will be prosecuted.

    I agree with others that Snake trail must be a one way path as the speed on this path is much faster than other paths in the area and it is for the safety of all. The tight turns and speed can lead to serious injury to both bike riders and hikers.

    As of late I have seen an increase in hikers using airpods or headphones on both ears, which is dangerous for all of us. While many of us bike riders have bells or other noise makers to warn other bike riders and hikers that we are going down a path, wearing headphones blocks us from being able to communicate. I propose to make it unlawful to use headphones or airpods covering both ears in any single track path. At a minimum signage stating the dangers of using them on paths.

    Some of our paths have people living in them, and this creates a health concern for us, especially our children, as some people use the canyons to do drugs, leaving their needles on the ground

  • Default_avatar
    Jose Galaz 16 days ago

    First thanks to the City of Chula Vista and staff for their hard work on this pilot project. As a long time resident and avid mountainbiker I fully support making our trails better by making them official mountain bike trails. This would allow the city and the hundreds if not thousands of bike riders to create a partnership to take care and improve our trails. Please consider allowing some bike skills features to be part of this trails. They could be designed with help of SDMBA and local profesional riders and if necessary only allow to use already existing native materials like rocks and dirt.
    Also, please consider creating a one way trail at Snake Canyon. This is a highly used trail on westbound direction and it will be much safer to become a one way only trail. This has being done at other popular trails in San Diego like Martha’s Grove(County of San Diego), Tunnels and Switchbacks Trail in Del Mar Mesa(City of San Diego) or at very least have big warning sings for hikers and other trail users beware of incoming bike traffic and encouraging them not to hike it on east direction just like at Black Beauty Trail in Black Mountain(City of San Diego), just to name a few trails.
    Thanks again for reaching out to the Mountainbike community that for so many years had being and maintaining this trails for the enjoyment of ALL trail users, looking forward to see the City meeting active residents needs.

  • Default_avatar
    Daniel Mahaffey 16 days ago

    I think this initiative is a fantastic idea. As a long time mountain biker who has been riding the "local" trails in Chula Vista, putting a formalized plan in place to make these trails sanctioned trails is a win win for the local community.

  • Default_avatar
    Anthony PoncedeLeon 16 days ago

    I support this initiative, my kids love snake trail would be awesome to know that you guys will take care of the trail.

  • Default_avatar
    Eloy Hernandez 17 days ago

    I fully support this program . It’s a great place

  • Default_avatar
    Robert Stanfill 17 days ago

    As a mountain biker myself I truly support the proposed pilot program. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in our own neighborhood. It is great exercise and a great trail system that I have enjoyed for years.

  • Default_avatar
    Grant McJunkin 17 days ago

    I am in full support of legalizing singletrack trails in Chula Vista in Rice Canyon and Snake. These trails have already been in use for decades and there is an obvious need for outdoor recreation, specifically allowing Mountain Bikes is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is apparent that more trails are wanted and needed by the community.

  • Default_avatar
    Dennis Brokaw 17 days ago

    I fully support this pilot program. It’s great to have a local place to ride and enjoy the outdoors that Chula Vista has to offer.

  • Default_avatar
    Amor Fuentecilla 17 days ago

    As a local mountain biker, I have been riding these trails since 2005 (along side other locals, that have been riding them way before me). This area has a great trail system and should be enjoyed by all.

  • Default_avatar
    Christopher Hines 17 days ago

    With the large number of mountain bikers within San Diego allowing access to the trails is great for the community. It could drive local bike tourism, which would lead to local businesses reaching more customers. Developing a partnership with the bike community would allow for trail maintenance. Proper signage would increase safety. It is likely that the trails are used and will continue to be used illegally. By providing a legal trail to the community it can be monitored and taken care of, which could prevent further intrusion in the surrounding area.